Thursday, January 5, 2012

Domino Effect

            The metal chains and bondages were clanging. The wheels were losing grip and threatened to rebel against its predestined path. Every moment was filled with pregnant silence as each individual as terrifying sounds wrapped around each head. The atmosphere erupted into figures of panic as we realized what was happening. The carriage started tipping precariously to the right. Luggage flung in various directions; whether by flurried minds or the unorthodox movement of the carriage we will never know. My fingers clung onto the arm rest. All my concentration was centered on my knuckles morphing to white.
            People say your life flashes by when encountering death. All I could see were my tears and frustration because I didn’t know why they were present. Refusing to admit that I was paralyzed by fear, I stood. I regretted my decision immediately. The momentum of our carriage crashing into the one in front of us resulted in involuntary reactions of bodies being flicked, as a finger would a minuscule paper ball, onto the nearest surface.
            My head hit, what is now only rubble, a metal wall. My torso convulsed from the impact. My eyes threatened to shut. Fear ripped through my nervous system. I forced my lids to stay open. Before we could inhale, the carriage toppled and landed right side down on the ground. Already on the right side initially, I didn't have far to fall. Those who were on the left could not say the same.
            The art of physics are too complicated to grasp but by tipping to the right, reacting forces pushed the opposite direction. Before my own eyes, conscious and unconscious beings broke and flew out the window to the exterior. With the meager senses I had left I realized that continuous crashing of glass and metal hitting soil from the front signaled a domino effect. Fear held me by the leash knowing we were but a breath's away from danger.
            Within a heartbeat, every carriage of the train had formed a parallel formation, horizontal against the track. We braced for yet another impact. Mouths formed to emit screams. Facial grooves formed pain, fear, shock. Dread. Dread damped itself onto every individual. I saw everything happening, every second magnified, every sound non-existent. The roof and floor of our cabin slammed in towards each other. It formed a suffocating cocoon. Carriages burst into each other, forming a mesh, a collage of white and broken orange stripes.
            Heavy darkness sank on me. It took everything in me to picture Maya, in my arms. Screaming for my brain to move any part of me only in vain. Every inch of me was disappearing. I knew I couldn't keep the image of my baby much longer. Her body faded into just her face. I concentrated on her smile, blinding with overflowing joy. Her hazel eyes were the last thing I saw, milky and soft, inviting me to never leave her gaze.

            101 people died on the 3rd of June 1998 in the Eschede train disaster caused by a fracture in the wheel. In memory of those who tried to fight to survive, to go back to their friends and families. To witness, experience and withstand terror, holding on in hopes to see their loved ones.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Girls Day Out

Went out to Mid Valley yesterday.. Skipped school.. Heheh..

Left my place at 10++

May and Eve came earlier to help me finish up the cake.. =]

Walked to LM and took the T407 to Bdr. Tasik Selatan. Then took the KTM to Mid Valley.
I couldn't believe we took 2 hours to get there.. Haha.. We were so afraid of taking the wrong train to Nilai/Seremban...

Reached Mid Valley and walked around in Gardens.. Hem.. Hem.. High Class...

Went back to Mid Valley, walked around a bit, and then went into Pet's wonderland.. The hamsters were devastatingly adorable/cute!!!! There were so many other animals there but we were just tied to the hamsters.. You ARE cuter than them!! To me.. Heheh.. S2

Ate at the food court.. MF took HK curry mee.. Eve and I took Penang curry mee, in other words, Penang har min..

Walked around some more.. Went into Romp.. We kept complaining and killing ourselves for not bringing more money.. Heheh.. Girls will be girls I guess.. Despite what you may think.. We didn't but anything... Oh I'm so proud of us!!! =p

Headed back to LM.. Took the same route home.. This time we only took 1 hour.. =]

Met up with Daniel and we had drinks and ice cream at the Gilly cafe... A.. err.. Romantic restaurant?? =p Booths with curtains.. But see through curtains.. Hahah.. I shall just leave it there..

That's all I guess.. Today was boring.. All I did was sleep.. =] Yummy Sleep.. Ironic words.. Haiz.. I'm screwed.. XD Sorry..

Catch you guys later..

-Melz- I miss you, love.. S2

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1. Cecilia Ahern~ Thanks For The Memories : Mum's present... =]
2. Cecilia Ahern~ A Place Called Here : Eve's present.. =]
3. Ian McEwan & 'Adam' (XD) - Read on to know from who... =]

=p.. And that's all I have to say.. heheh.. Well.. Not really.. 143, love.. S2

The cake daddy's close friends bought... Soooo guilty...

Found a vase and put them in.. They're dying.. Haiz..

The one and only rose among the 15 that bloomed.. =] It looks so pretty..

Pri gave this.. =]
That's the inside.. And ohh.. They are HEAVENLY!!! Just bites of heaven.. =]

All the.. err.. You know la... =]

Ah Che's present has many stages..
Stage 1 : Hearts, her "From : Ah Che" note and her mum's present to me, a necklace. =]

Stage 2 : A heart to heart letter from her heart to mine.. Sorry.. P&C.. Something I will never reveal.. =]

Stage 3 : Her actual present to me.. Ian McEwan - On Chesil Beach

Stage 4 : Her design on the cotton and more hearts..

Thank you Che.. =]

Errr.. Adam?? XD

May and Eve bought this together.. =]

The note that came with the roses...

Somehow.. I love this picture.. =] My face is kinda red as well.. Haha..

The two mousse Jwa bought.. =]

Dad gave roses as well.. 15 of them..

Close up..

Ooooo... Shiny!!!

Picture of the day.. =]

Dad's present.. Haiz... It's not fake.. Err.. The big D.. It's so sweet.. =]

.Same one.. Just not so close up..

My first bite?? Heheh..

Blowing out the candles.. Feel like a kid again!! =p

I don't really have anything to say about Happy Tuesday.. =] I just know that it was a perfectly blissful day.. =] Thank you all for all you've done.. You know who you are.. I feel... so.. Heheh.. Touched?? =]

Honestly... I do.. =]

Qin and the rest of the gang.. Err..

~Qin, MF, Eve, Dan M., Ian, Venu, Arvind G., Yee Khai, Tat Soon, Shareena, Hui Xian, Sam, Jia Ling~

They took part in the party planning and presents.. Haiz.. Don't know how many thank you's I have to say..

Btw, Sorry Ian.. I didn't mean to punch you.. It didn't really occur to me at that time that I should have hugged to as a sign of I love you and thank you for everything.. =] But then again.. It didn't hurt, did it? I hurt my fist... Not your arm.. So.. Heheh...

Thanks Yee Khai for the card..

Thanks Venu, Sam, Xian and Qin for the bag...

Sam, thank you for the.. err.. File.. Hahahha!!

Thank you for the bear
~Evon, Jia Ling, Ian, Qin, Arvind and... Haiz.. err.. E....

Thank you guys for all the best wishes..

You made my day.. =]
P.S. Thank My Love.. For the call and the gift and the wishes and the love and all you've given me.. I can never thank you enough... S2 143